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Reve D RDX
Build Breakdown

Chassis Highlights & Electronics

  1. Modifications
    1. Outclip Lower Deck w/plastic RDX rear braces
    2. Raised Rear Servo w/ Extended RDX servo arm
    3. Cantilever Front and Rear Suspension
    4. 3D Designed and Printed ESC Mount on Fan Mount
    5. Rhino Racing CLSD
    6. Bao La Pink Brembo Caliper & Rotors
    7. Remote Enabled Dual Chassis Fans
  2. Motor, ESC, Servo & Gyro, Dampers, and Transmitter
    1. Muchmore Fleta V2 Drift 10.5T
    2. Hobbywing XD10
    3. Yokomo SP03D2 Servo & Yokomo V4 Gyro
    4. Sanwa MT44
    5. Overdose HG V2 Dampers


First Impression

Reve D is not new to me but this is my first time owning a Reve D product This chassis was built and completely stock when I got it so I have nothing to say on building it from bag to bag following the manual.

What I can say is that the composite plastic material is good enough for me. I do not see the need to upgrade to aluminum anywhere on the chassis. From suspension mount to the wiper system for the steering, It has above average tolerances and all the parts freely move. The build quality is solid enough that you even have a reliable damper build and the dampers are plastic as well. I don't understand the performance factor behind 4 gear gearbox but it is great and comes with the quick change diff which is also great.

Keeping it real,I cant really think of a downside other than the fact that when it was first released, pre orders were made and then the chassis was resold for more than retail. A plastic chassis was so good that it started costing more to own it than the manufacturer sold it for! Unbelievable for plastic... Did I mention its all plastic?

My Personal Touch

My RDX has been fitted with dual fans on the lower Outclip Deck. It orignally calls for one fan but I decided to add two to make sure I got maximum "downforce". Having two fans meant that I couldn't put the servo where it naturally goes, hence the reason why it is raised in the rear position. The star of the show is my custom cantilever setup on all four corners of the chassis. Utilizing MST FXX IFS Kit and one part from the Rhino Racing IFS Kit, I was able to mount up a satisfactory cantilever setup. There were a couple iterations of the cantilever setup that I fiddled with along the way but this is the one that will stick because it's actually duplicatable.

How Does It Drive?

I drove this car stock with a yokomo gear diff, stock dampers, using Yokomo DRC tires. The car drove well for me. It was easy and almost too easy like I was cheating. I felt comfortable on the slickest of surfaces and there was also a feeling of accomplishment knowing that I could actually drive a car that was tuned by the company that produced the MC-1. I was worried that if I couldnt drive it well then that meant I had bad driving habits.

In the high motor position, the weight transfers smoothly and the camber change in that process is subtle but benefiting to the drift and pursuit of style and performance. I think Reve D did one of the boldest moves to date with the fixed links/non adjustability. They called this chassis a "Champions Design" and it lives up to that.

Overall, I never complain when I drive this chassis. Its been set from factory and you don't have to put it on the tune table constantly. It just works and thats always pleasant when you want to just go to a track and enjoy driving.

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About The Owner

Name: Joshua Goodwin

Track Of Choice: Personal Garage

RWD RC Drift Experience: 3 Years

Favorite Chassis: Rhino Racing Rhinomax Version 2

I visit official tracks on a quarterly basis as there is no local track in my area to visit more frequently. The rc drift scene provided me with a new avenue to feed the mechanical and creative attributes I have. I am no expert, I just enjoy being a tuner and drifter. I look forward tapping your door in tandems. Keep God First

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