The Story

Born and raised in Orangeburg, SC and enlisted in the military in 2016. Mechlovin grew up holding the flashlight as his Dad worked on vehicles. They always worked into the night on something. He learned so much from working on cars that once he was old enough to drive, he never stopped.

Mechlovin got the idea to wrap his personal car in vinyl in 2019. He had the ability to wrap a neighbor's vehicle with the help of a friend and that's how it all started. Blessed to be of service during COVID-19, Mechlovin has wrapped a countless number of vehicles and is trusting God with all there is to come. A passionate, Christ driven, and humble automotive enthusiast that eats, sleeps, and breaths a love for cars and their owners. A self made vinyl wrapper, photographer, and skilled specialist with vehicle modifications.

Who we are

Ideal Auto Factory is an authentic vinyl wrap and design, maintenance and modification establishment for automobiles.

What we do?

Supreme quality vehicle wraps, commercial wraps, vehicle maintenance, modification and customization.